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  • Are Gaphix seat belts & harnesses safe and legal?
    Yes, we use FMVSS certified materials and conduct testing, such as fire resistance and load rating, to ensure our products comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Each belt and harness includes a certification tag with serial number that we use to track the manufacturing process. Our belts and harnesses are street legal in all 50 U.S. states and the certification tags can be shown to law enforcement officers to demonstrate they comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Best of all, we produce our belts & harnesses in the U.S. to ensure the highest level of quality.
  • How long does it take to produce my belts?
    Depending if you send us your existing retractors or wish to order new OEM hardware, production can take from a few weeks to over a month. 1-of-1 designs and color matching easily takes from one month to a couple of months depending on the intricacy of the design or color match. Once you order, we will keep you updated throughout the production process.
  • Why are other places priced so low?
    We believe in offering high quality products with outstanding customer service, especially when it comes to your safety. From selecting premium materials to complying with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, along with meticulous attention to detail, clients from all over the world have trusted their safety with our products. Working closely with our team, you can be sure that your custom product is produced exactly as you imagine. Check out our Instagram feed @gaphix to see more of our work and clients.
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